Saturday, 10 December 2011

Stockings on a grey afternoon

Thought it was about time that our two had some handmade 
Christmas stockings, instead of the polyester ones bought years ago!

This one is made from a retro purple and orange vintage fabric.
(picks taken on a very dark grey day!)

They both have granny square pockets on the front.

Beaded lace from the vintage wedding dress trims.

Oop! Someone is trying to have a sneak peak inside already!
The pattern I drew out turned out looking like the dolls legs sort of!


kit and nancy. said...

love them! their colours and textures are incredible! go you!

Cathie said...

they are wonderful! and so are the girls pics.
that's my mission this weekend, to get started on some stockings for them.

hope you've had a good day,
hugs ♥

nz green buttons said...

love them! Especially the blue one.

Kylie said...

easily among the nicest I've seen!

gretbert said...

Awesome, love the pockets and they are a cute shape

Vic said...

You're a meanie not making me one too. :P

Punk & the wee boy have handmade stockings but they're pretty dodgey as I whipped them up in a hurry last xmas!

Loulou said...

Those are some of the prettiest stockings I've seen. Love the bits of wedding dress and granny square pockets. They will be a joy to peek into come the big day!

Loulou Downtown

Selina said...

They are gorgeous! Now I don't want to do that stocking tutorial, yours are way cuter!!


Mrs D said...

Hey, just found your blog. These are really cute! Great site.

mel @ loved handmade said...

They are just beautiful, so much detail! x

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