Friday, 28 October 2011

A little handmade gift

The girls school are celebrating World Teachers Day today.
And even though Miss 10 has had a really busy week of homework, 
spelling and a project to finish - she still managed to make a necklace
for her new teacher.

She crocheted some navy and also a mix of aqua blues.
I gave her a strip of pretty fabric and 
after bunching them together - just zig zagged across!

I hope these buttons dried in time!
Happy World Teachers Day Miss French!x


Vic said...

So young & already craft addicted.

I see lots of craft books, wool stashes & blogging in her future... so sad. ;)

So impressed her stick skillz (Would leave me for DEAD!) & the fact that she wanted to make her new teacher something in the first place... can we all sigh a collective "awwwwww!"?


gretbert said...

So sweet, I bet her teacher was thrilled :)

Frugal Down Under said...

So sweet. Come and look at my blog to see what i made for my daughters teachers - World Teacher Day.

My daughter has been too tired lately to get up earlier or go to bed latter so i had to make themmyself this time.

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