Sunday, 30 October 2011

A heart full of butter

(what an unhealthy title!)
We've been wanting to make Cathie's Butter Cake for ages now.
And with the little one really not well this weekend,
 decided to cheer her up with this.
So thank you Cathie for giving us a very easy recipe,
 which is just soooo yummy. Made in our op shopped heart cake tin,
 and topped with butter icing. Recipe here!x


bec said...

oh, yum! I have oppy heart tins too!

Anonymous said...

Yummy!! We have made a few of her recipes with great success :)

Cathie said...

yay!! LOVE that it cheered her up and especially love the heart tin. i have an opped one too, must use it.

i love that we all seem to LOVE our oppies too ♥

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