Saturday, 1 October 2011


Every October Tinniegirl holds 'Blogtoberfest'.
Its where you can sign up to join in and blog (if you can) for every day of the month! Aargh - what a challenge! It will give everyone a chance to find new bloggers that they haven't met before and enter giveaways (over at Cam's).

This is my first time joining in and I don't have anything planned yet to blog about (as I've just decided to join this afternoon!) - apart from a giveaway I mentioned a while ago... better get onto that!

Anyway - if you want to have a go - sign up over here. I'm pretty sure that I won't manage to post EVERY day, so don't put pressure on yourself, but it'll be a bit of fun and a way for some of us to get our blogging mojo back again - I hope!

* loving how the poster above includes a vintage belt buckle (bottom right) that looks like the year of this challenge!x


Vic said...

Hooray! Happy Blogtoberfest Jennie!

Michelle said...

Found your lovely blog through Blogtoberfest :) x

Cathie said...

happy blogtober Miss Jennie!
hope you have a fun month ♥

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