Friday, 1 July 2011

In the post

Here's a few things we've received in the post recently!
A vintage Singer sewing machine printed notebook from Chantal.
Thanks for the gorgeous camera card too!

Some tools to have a go at printing,

and also some brilliant baking things from Cathie -
the girls have already cut out sandwiches
with the bunny shapes!
(Thank you for sending us the best welcome package ever!)

My brooch(es) from the lovely Leonie -
as part of the Flowerpress Brooch Swap -
thank you so much for the zipper purse too!!

And the fantabulous Mr Walter, who we won in Cathie's raffle.
 Made by the clever clever Jess at Teddy Bears Wednesday.

Here's a bit about him -
Walter is a retired bellhop. Every day at about 5pm he likes to head to his local and have a few pints at the bar. He also loves steak & kidney pie with mushy peas. Every friday night he meets up with his mates and they go ten pin bowling, where they have a few.
He loves his rituals and routines (and beer)!

The girls are looking forward to seeing their Dad this weekend -
hes been away in Sydney on a course (again).
Have a lovely weekend friends.xx


teddybearswednesday said...

OOOh looks like you've gotten lots of lovely treats in the mail ( which you totes deserve)
SO happy Walter arrived safe and sound. Looks to me like he's very happy where he is xo

Kylie said...

Wow! So many fabulous things! Love Mr Walter - what a character. Glad you'll have your family all together again soon :) Kx

kira said...

cute cute cute

Chantal said...

So many fun things from the postie!
Glad you like your card and notebook : ) I'm excited to see the results of your woodcarving tools and wood block. I still have a block sitting here untouched, waiting for a design! Have been having fun printing with gelatin this week - possibly the total opposite when it comes to materials!

Cathie said...

you soooo deserve the love!!

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