Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pfaff vs Janome

I need to make a decision about a new machine - which is not an easy thing! I have changed my mind countless times now. Its getting rediculous. I've been in and tested out a couple, but that just made it even more difficult! (theres some good deals on at the mo)

So what do you think about Pfaff sewing machines? I've been told they are the 'Rolls Royce' of machines - hard working, sturdy... They also have IDT integrated in the sewing machine, for no fabric slippage. No matter how many layers or what type of fabrics you are sewing. Its fed from both the top and bottom at the same time.

But then Janome are such a well known brand too. They are one of the top sellers in this country. They've been around for nearly a hundred years. And have such a good reputation.

I know its such a personal thing and it depends what sort of thing you are sewing,
but do you have an opinion on either of these brands?


Kylie said...

I'm a Janome girl, Jennie. But then I haven't really tried anything else. I just know that they are easier to use, less time thinking about mechanics and more time about your sewing. Go for whichever feels right - you've tested them both so you must have secretly preferred one...? Failing that... eenie meenie minie mo usually works for me! ;)

Dolores said...

I just bought a used Janome MyExcel from a good friend for a bargain. I had it on loan from her for a few months and she decided she didn't need it back and I knew it worked fine. It has been great, I have no complaints. So far I have made quilts, softies and clothes on it. Prior to that my only experience was with a Singer from the early 80s. Can't tell you much about Pfaff - I thought Bernina were the best of the best?


Selina said...

Pfaff!!! My pfaff was actually my Aunts and is about 30 years old. She just keeps on ticking, only needing her regular service and regular dusting and oiling. Both my Aunt and my Mum have newer pfaffs and swear by them.

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