Tuesday 10 August 2010

Miss Candice mixes it up!

(with a bit of help from Miss 4!)
This is the latest update about our visitor from Canada.
Here they are trying out Cat's recipe for play dough.

Here's some frame by frame colour changes for you! Guess what Miss 4's fav colour is? Yup, Miss Candice didn't have much say in that!

It was so easy to make, just mix all the ingrediants together and cook for a few minutes till it starts looking like play dough!

The girls spent ages on the kitchen island making some v cool things.
This dough turns out so smooth, and didn't stick to the rolling pin - yay!

Yes, Miss Candice got her turn too.
Though she would like some say in the colour next time!

Looks like our girl in Canada is having a great time too!!


Cathie said...

that looks great! love the colour!!
I love to make playdough but everytime I make it I regret it, my little one thinks it's just an ingredient to be added to anything he finds, his breakfast, trucks, cucumbers, pencils..I kid you not.

ricebabies said...

I havent made playdough in sooooooo long. I will put that on my to do list for the kids before summer ends.

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