Friday, 9 July 2010

School Holiday Stuff

Inspired by some sock creatures, the children (and a friend) have made their own creatures.

We didn't have any old socks to use, so chopped up some old jumpers and wool rugs.

This one hasn't left my daughters side - its sooo soft (mohair) and squidgy. She's called it stuffed potato!

We've also done a homemade volcanoe(having a wannabe scientist in the family) experiment. It was way easier than I thought. And we had all the ingrediants in the cupboard.

The children loved it and it lasted for quite a few minutes. We might use a brighter food colouring next time though!


makeitgiveit said...

These are totally adorable you are obviously nuturing crafty love in all the right wasy at your place. Lovely!

Little Ted Canvas said...

Oh wow you guys are having heaps of fun!! Love the cuddly creatures & I wouldn't mind trying that volcano experiment, the boys would love it!

Sarah@Dolls And Daydreams said...

oh my goodness what a fab mummy you are!!! Looks like you had a blast ... wish i could come over and play! hahaha I love Mr stuffed potato ♥

dogsmom said...

What great stufies. I like the creativity of using what you have on hand.

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