Sunday, 10 January 2010


We did a restock at Craftworld today. The recyled LP record bowls in
particular had been very popular for christmas presents!
I also put out some new pamphlets for the custom made dolls.
I am really liking Craftworld, as the customer gets a great price that hasn't been hiked up by a huge commission. The crafters pay a monthly rental on their shelves, and then there is just 10% commission on whatever they sell. It is full of New Zealand made items, great for when you need to send something 'kiwi' overseas. They also get buses full of tourists through sometimes!

We also did some fabric and emporium purchasing...
Fabric $2m!

Some button 'earrings', hair bows, and NZ labels
etc, for the dolls.

And experimenting with embellishments, vintage cross
stitch & bracelets.

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